Unlike many brokers, we take an active interest in your search for a boat. When we send you listings, many of which will have been selected by us from our co-brokerage network, we are usually able to add a good deal of relevant information. This is usually in the form of a frank, honest, and well-developed letter referring to each listing in as much detail as we have available. If you decide to look at a boat, we will accompany you. We will actively seek out the boat's weaknesses as well as her strengths, and will explain them to you in as much detail as you require. This amounts to a "pre-survey", to help you to screen boats and determine the relative values of boats you may be considering. This is not a substitute for an objective survey by an uninvolved party. However, by taking this approach we can help ensure that the independent survey you do order turns out to be a positive one, on a boat you will want to buy.

Our philosophy is not to simply make one sale. Rather we wish to develop a relationship wherein you will want to return to us for future sales and purchases. Hopefully you will also recommend us to friends as reliable and honest allies in your involvement with boats. Brokerage is one of many services we provide so we are not in the position of having to sell a boat "this month" to pay rent, etc.

An important aspect of this is our enthusiasm for small boats, restoration projects, and other "entry-level" sales, as well as higher-priced boats or the specialized requirements in the middle and top end of the market. We appreciate the wisdom of starting small, the important thing being that the buyer makes a good choice, and come back later on when his or her requirements advance or change.


We are also available as consultants when you are considering the purchase of boats which we are not brokering.
Advice on any boat related topic, by email, mail, or fax, is always free. Please don't hesitate to contact us.

HEAD OFFICE: Address: Alanya Yacht Office / Alanya Marina Alanya/ TURKEY Tel +90. 242. 519 18 11 Fax +90. 242. 323 45 80 E mail: charter@east-med.com

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